This or That: Paint or ACP?

When people seek to add vibrancy and longevity to the finishes of their homes, Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are often recommended to get just what they are looking for. ACP claddings can be a solid first choice if you’re looking for weather resistance or easy to maintain attributes for your project. But are there certain areas where using ACP might not be the best option?


Let’s answer each scenario with this or that: paint or ACP?


Commercial Building Façade

Using a company’s brand colors as the attention-grabbing feature to a façade can add to a brand’s identity and customer familiarity as they start to associate those colors to their business. PVDF ACPs are the perfect candidate to use for this as they don’t fade as quickly compared to paint and they also add a sleek and modern finish to the building.


Outdoor Walls

Repainting your house frequently due to fast fading paint may become a costly and demanding task in the long run. ACP claddings can prevent you from spending more than you should while also keeping the vibrancy of your home.



While you may use ACPs as bathroom ceilings, cabinets, and even as walls, aluminum cladding suppliers in the Philippines advise that you must use ACP friendly cleaners instead of regular bathroom cleaners. The chemicals contained in regular bathroom cleaners can cause corrosion of your ACPs so just keep this in mind when making your choice.


Cabinets & Drawers

Cabinets and drawers are often handled and because of this, damage may happen faster compared to any other furniture. Besides being more durable than regular wood, ACPs already have a painted layer that can save you from spending extra money.



Ceilings, and outdoor ones more so, are one of the trickiest areas to put finishes on. Time spent to reach an elevated part of your space just to paint on it may not be most ideal. Using ACPs in this case can prevent you from the extra work and can also protect your building from dust build-up and corrosion.



As much as it is tempting to add exciting colors to your summer pool space, the nature of it being constantly wet may not bode well with the longevity of ACPs. They are moisture resistant but to put them in an area that houses chlorine, it may lead to corrosion of the aluminum component of the ACPs.



Using ACPs in the Philippines is now more common as it persists against the ever changing weather conditions while also giving a quality and attractive finish to any space. In general, Aluminum Composite Panels are durable and reliable but there are still certain guidelines that we must abide by to get the most out of our ACPs.


You may contact Alutech, one of the trusted Aluminum Composite Panel supplier in the Philippines, for your questions and concerns on ACPs.