Why is ACP Suited for Residential Houses?

Aluminum composite panel is one of the essentials in a professional’s list of materials, especially in the Philippines. But more than being used for a commercial building, there are also other uses of ACP sheets. One of them is for residential houses. Not so usual as it may seem, professionals in the building industry now use ACPs even for residential houses, as long as the client is willing to invest a reasonable amount for premium-quality materials.


There are many aluminum composite panel suppliers in the Philippines that all you have to do is to choose and look for the trusted one. But why do more people use ACPs? Some of the reasons why are as follows:

  1. Lightweight

    Thanks to continuous innovation of technology, aluminum composite panel is lightweight, easy to lift, to use and to move around along with other materials. That is also the reason why aluminum cladding installation is more popular now. This would surely make the workload lighter. A time and manpower saver, indeed.

  2. Long-Lasting

    One of the best ways to save money is to make sure that the materials acquired are good quality and long-lasting. Alutech’s ACPs can withstand up to 5 to 10 years of installation even under different weathers.

  3. Has good thermal control

    Living in a tropical country means having wet rainy days and scorching hot summers. By installing aluminum composite panels inside the house, it will not just add to the aesthetic value but also to the nice room temperature. It is because ACP
    is also made with materials that are good for thermal control. Nonetheless, ACP is perfect for any weather in the Philippines.

  4. Easy to maintain

    Not everyone has enough time to clean the house everyday. But worry no more, ACPs are very easy to maintain and do not need tons of cleaning materials. In fact, for a residential house, you almost don’t have to maintain and clean claddings at all.

  5. Easy to install

    Talking about easy ways, aluminum composite panels are very easy to install. Depending on the scope and area of application, residential houses take a minimum of 1 to 2 days. For buildings, it will take more days than residential houses, but nonetheless faster than other materials.

Whether for commercial buildings or for a comfortable home, ACP is a must-have material. Get your aluminum composite panel from your trusted supplier today.