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Alutech is an aluminum composite panel supplier that caters to engineers, architects, designers, and community builders. This cladding material is rigid and strong despite its light weight. It also comes in a wide range of colors and thicknesses.

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Aluminum composite panel (pvdf)

Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF panels contain fluorocarbon and are fairly thicker than the ordinary aluminum composite panels. PVDF coating provides excellent resistance from fading and weathering over time. The best applications for ACP with PVDF coating include external cladding, building facade, curtain walls, gutters, and so on.

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alutech acp composition - PVDF

Aluminum Composite Panel Layers-PVDF

Aluminum composite panel (pe)

Polyester, or PE panels, has a thermoplastic polyethylene material in its core surrounded by two thin sheets of aluminum. PE coating offers benefits like rigidity, lightweight, and ease of fabrication. This ACP with PE coating is ideal for internal cladding, false ceilings, wall partitions, indoor signage cladding, and indoor column cladding.

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alutech acp composition - PE

Aluminum Composite Panel Layers-PE


Leaf Green

AL 1014: Leaf Green

Light Blue

AL 1016: Light Blue


AL 1021: Yellow

Glossy Black

AL 1032: Glossy Black

Ivory White

AL 1012: Ivory White

Silver Brush

AL 1026: Silver Brush

Dark Blue

AL 1019: Dark Blue


AL 1023: Red


AL 1024: Grey

Glossy Pink

AL 1028: Glossy pink

Glossy Purple

AL 1031: Glossy purple

Glossy Yellow

AL 6032: Glossy Yellow

Methalic Red

AL 6067: Methalic Red


AL 1022: Orange

Glossy Light Green

AL 1027: Glossy Light Green

Glossy White

AL 1026: Glossy White

Bright Silver

AL 1002: Bright Silver

Light Blue 1

AL 1016: Light Blue

Pure White

AL 1011: Pure White

Blue Silver

AL 1007: Blue Silver

Galaxy Black

AL 1035: Galaxy Black

Methalic Silver

AL 1001: Methalic Silver

Forest Green

AL 1015: Forest Blue

Glossy Blue

AL 1018: Glossy Blue

Postal Blue

AL 1017: Postal Blue

Champagne Gold

AL 1004: Champagne Gold

Glossy Orange

AL 1021: Glossy Orange


AL 1008: Copper

Glossy Red

AL 1030: Glossy Red

Finland Green

AL 1036: Finland Green

Gold Mirror

AL 1039: Gold Mirror

Gold Brush

AL 1037: Gold Brush