4 Ways Aluminum Composite Panels Can Save You Money

Construction supplies’ cost is one of the constant concerns of builders when getting into a new project. As with anyone who will be spending a considerable amount, people would always try to find ways on how they could get their money’s worth without sacrificing the quality of the structure. Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are nothing…

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ACP Applied In The Arts

Exploratory works of two artists were mounted as solo exhibitions at art space Espacio Manila at Filinvest Mall, Alabang on January 22.   A 36×48-inch art piece named “Incised” by Modern and contemporary artist Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos greets you upon entering the exhibit with its multiple intricate impressions that is cut through with a…

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Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Cladding

The use of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) in construction purposes have multiplied these days- with uses ranging from signages and indoor and outdoor acp claddings, utilized in different industries. Its functionalities prove why it is a common material used in the Philippine setting. To help you decide on this material, see the pros and cons…

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Why is ACP Suited for Residential Houses?


Aluminum composite panel is one of the essentials in a professional’s list of materials, especially in the Philippines. But more than being used for a commercial building, there are also other uses of ACP sheets. One of them is for residential houses. Not so usual as it may seem, professionals in the building industry now…

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Tips on Maintaining your ACP


Aluminum composite panel is one of the most used materials in the construction industry, mainly because of its price and versatility. Installation of aluminum wall cladding or curtain wallis fast and easy. Of course, maintaining these is also a no-sweat action. Aluminum composite panels are easy to maintain. Buildings with ACP wall cladding or curtain…

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Curtain Wall or Wall Cladding?


As an affordable construction material, aluminum composite panels are well known for their durability, lightweight, and thermal and insulating properties, but aside from its practical features, ACP is also widely used for embellishments and creative design work. With its impressive malleability and near limitless options of color, pattern, and finish, you can use aluminum composite…

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Why Choose Aluminum Composite Panels


With rising costs, many are trying to find more economical ways to update the look of their homes and businesses. One such way is to use cheaper, but good quality materials, such as aluminum composite panels (ACP). This material is becoming a popular choice for exterior wall cladding beyond the industrial sector, particularly for commercial…

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