This or That: Paint or ACP?

When people seek to add vibrancy and longevity to the finishes of their homes, Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are often recommended to get just what they are looking for. ACP claddings can be a solid first choice if you’re looking for weather resistance or easy to maintain attributes for your project. But are there certain…

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How to Install ACP?

Looking at several installation procedures can be overwhelming especially if you are a first-timer. Between trying to make sense of the steps and learning about the product (what and what not to do), a simple and cohesive article may be helpful for you, especially for a lot more complicated installations in construction. The role of…

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ACP for Interior Uses

Aluminum Composite Panels  are commonly attached to outdoor commercial spaces and exterior aluminum cladding, but with recent applications and improved technologies, ACP can also be used as a finishing material indoors. Aside from a wide selection of color to match your home, it shows a seamless design, better than other materials. Here’s why you should…

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Curtain Wall or Wall Cladding?


As an affordable construction material, aluminum composite panels are well known for their durability, lightweight, and thermal and insulating properties, but aside from its practical features, ACP is also widely used for embellishments and creative design work. With its impressive malleability and near limitless options of color, pattern, and finish, you can use aluminum composite…

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Why Choose Aluminum Composite Panels


With rising costs, many are trying to find more economical ways to update the look of their homes and businesses. One such way is to use cheaper, but good quality materials, such as aluminum composite panels (ACP). This material is becoming a popular choice for exterior wall cladding beyond the industrial sector, particularly for commercial…

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