ACP Applied In The Arts

Exploratory works of two artists were mounted as solo exhibitions at art space Espacio Manila at Filinvest Mall, Alabang on January 22.


A 36×48-inch art piece named “Incised” by Modern and contemporary artist Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos greets you upon entering the exhibit with its multiple intricate impressions that is cut through with a yellow splattered line in the middle.

Also displayed in the event are similar pieces titled “Everything from Scratch,” which showcases intricate patterns and eyecatching visuals made on Aluminim Composite Panels (ACP) by etching, a process of using acidic elements to incise into metal, or in this case aluminum, to create designs or patterns.


These patterns, according to Santos, represent “possibilities, a light in the dark, a spark or maybe a discovery. Eureka, a burst”. When introduced to Aluminum Cladding Panels, his first thought was it was akin to a scratchboard, and so the idea of elevating his prior art style to that of scratch drawings came to life.



Meanwhile, Kathleen Gobasco’s art pieces show contrast of using easily erasable graphite on high-impact resistant ACP.


“Katapat”, her follow-up exhibition to her 1st solo show “Sa Sandaling Pagtigil” brings about a narrative of two lovers finding each other through the concept of time. Each drawing represents a specific time of day and continues itself to a cycle that forms a short poem as you combine each piece title.


Gobasco mentioned that she was “hesitant at first” when using ACP as a drawing canvas when she saw potential in it. She then learnt a way around it and found that graphite bodes well with the material of ACP.



The Aluminum Composite Panels, most commonly used in the Philippines as wall claddings, are aluminum sheets with a polyethylene layer in the middle that provide much rigid support and lesser chance of oxidation compared to usual wood or fabric canvases, which makes it a more beneficial choice for art pieces.

The ACPs used by the artists in the exhibit are supported by leading aluminum supplier brand in the Philippines, Alutech. The brand believes that exploring the possibilities of creativity and expression, beyond the usual means, is truly important. You may contact them here for more information on ACP in the Philippines.


The exhibit runs until February 22, 2023 at the 2nd Level Festival Mall- Expansion Wing, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.