How to Spot a Good Quality Aluminum Composite Panel?

With uncontrollable price hikes and various options available in the market, how will you know that you are getting the best-quality aluminum composite panel sheets for your next project? This article will tackle several ways on how to spot high-quality aluminum composite panel sheets, whether for interior or exterior cladding/façade.

  1. Check the panel thickness against requirements stated on the label. What was listed should be seen when you get your measurement tool and check the ACP itself. If the measurement has a very little to no discrepancy at all, it means you’re holding the right aluminum composite panel for your project.
  2. Analyze the required thickness of the needed ACP sheet. This is correlated with the first step. The last thing that any contractor would like to experience is to order the wrong aluminum composite panel thickness in a rush mid-week. It is important to take note that 3mm is PE-coated, which is for indoor use, while a 4mm PVDF-coated panel is for outdoor use. Remember functions of both PVDF and PE-coated ACPs to maximise its usage.
  3. Take a look if the surface is scratch-free. You ordered a premium-quality aluminum composite panel. This means a lump-free and scratch-free product being delivered to the site. Double check if these panels are meeting the aesthetic standard.
  4. Examine the material composition of the product. Every ACP supplier will tell you that their ACP stands out amongst others. To know if that’s true, double-check even the core of your ACP. It should be intact with the aluminum as it is also referred to as a “sandwich panel.” Moreover, check the thickness of aluminum composition. Thicker aluminum translates to a stronger panel, thus it has to be checked before starting any project that involves ACP such as aluminum cladding installation, for example.
  5. Check if the protective film is easy to remove. Imagine finishing an aluminum composite panel installation and you cannot remove the protective film- that is totally equal to more time for work. To avoid this inconvenience, try to peel a portion of the panel’s protective film to check its condition.
  6. Make sure that you got the right color. Believe it or not, there are cases wherein builders receive the wrong color and won’t notice it until it has been cut or worse, installed already. To avoid any inconvenience, peel one edge of the aluminum composite panel just to check if the color is correct.

Moving forward, this checklist is a must-have before buying aluminum composite panels. In the Philippines, you can look for reputable suppliers that would cater every need when it comes to aluminum composite sheets.