Tips on Maintaining your ACP

Aluminum composite panel is one of the most used materials in the construction industry, mainly because of its price and versatility. Installation of aluminum wall cladding or curtain wallis fast and easy. Of course, maintaining these is also a no-sweat action.

Aluminum composite panels are easy to maintain. Buildings with ACP wall cladding or curtain walls are saving so much manpower and time over the past years.


Another fact is that the frequency of cleaning ACP depends on the area or location of the building. Using aluminum composite panels in the Philippines requires knowledge about when and how to protect the product from tropical weather, etc. For example, for heavily industrialized areas, it is recommended to clean ACP for at least twice a year or as much as it is needed, to wipe out the dirt. For coastal areas or with low rainfall as well as urban areas, it is advised to do a cleaning only once a year or, again, when it is badly needed. In rural areas, since the pollution is less rampant, it is suggested to clean buildings with ACP every other year.

The following are the steps that are needed to follow to clean and maintain aluminum composite panels.

  1. Rinse.

    The most basic step is to rinse ACP with pressurized water. Since aluminum composite panels are made of materials that can be easily cleaned, exerting too much effort is not needed in the first step. Cleaning ACP with enough pressure of water is the way to go.

  2. Use mild soap.

    After cleaning it with water and there is still visible dirt that can be seen, a soft sponge and a mild soap can do the next duty. Clean ACP gently with these materials. Make sure to maintain a cleaning pattern. Start from top to bottom. This would save ACPs from scratch or unwanted dents.

  3. Clean rags.

    Aside from the steps mentioned above, you may also use clean rags in the absence of sponge. Make sure that any cleaning material that will be used is grit-free. Using edgy or rough cleaning materials could damage the coating and the color
    of ACP.

  4. Use a mild solution.

    There are mild solutions that are especially made for ACPs that can be used for cleaning aluminum composite panels if really needed. Again, if only needed. Using solutions may ruin the quality of ACP instead of making it look better.

  5. Ask.

    You may simply ask your aluminum composite panel supplier for more information about ACP. Suppliers surely know how to answer inquiries about ACP maintenance.

  6. Relax.

    It is not needed to clean ACP every other week. To maintain the quality of wall cladding or curtain wall with ACP, just let the product shine on its own.

Aluminum composite panel is not only good for aesthetic purposes. Using it will also give tons of benefits such as saving time and manpower for cleaning and maintenance. For a trusted aluminum composite panel supplier, don’t forget to contact us.