How to Install ACP?

Looking at several installation procedures can be overwhelming especially if you are a first-timer. Between trying to make sense of the steps and learning about the product (what and what not to do), a simple and cohesive article may be helpful for you, especially for a lot more complicated installations in construction. The role of this article is to highlight the important steps in aluminum composite panel installation and to understand how it works. This article is not a substitute from proper live training and it is still recommended that properly trained professionals engage in the installation. 


  1. Working at any construction-related activities puts you in hazard risks and other safety concerns. Make sure to be equipped with the right materials and local safety procedures to avoid any further mishaps and lessen the time needed to complete the installation. 
  2. The crucial part in installing aluminum composite panels is to determine the accurate measurements of the panels as well as the mounting system where it will be installed. Use the appropriate tools to mark and measure the material. 
  3. Fabricate the panel frame using rectangular tubes and angle bars. Install the mounting system using expansion bolts and screws or rivets. 
  4. Prepare the panels for cutting, add 1-2 inches panel extension on all sides. 
  5. Mark and trim the rear aluminum skin using a hand trimmer. Be careful not to over trim past the PE core. Fold the panels on each side.
  6. Affix the angle bars to the panel using screws.
  7. Attach the panel to the sub frame using screws. 
  8. Remember to only remove the cover after installation to prevent scratches which may ruin the look of the material. 


Improving different structures, whether commercial and residential, involves complex procedures that must be followed to have a seamless finish product. It is challenging, yes, but the whole process can also be lightened if you take note of the things you can control, such as choosing a cost-effective and durable material, choosing the right colors that go well with your plan, and finding the right supplier of your material. The choices you make will then determine the complexity of the problems that may arise, and how easily you can solve all these. Contact one of the leading aluminum composite panel suppliers in the Philippines