Aluminum Cladding Installations: 2022 Recap

The end of the year offers us an opportunity to look back at some of our aluminum composite panel (ACP) projects for the year round. With a variety of applications nationwide, whether signage or exterior cladding, ACP proved to be a credible material for architectural needs. Here are some of the aluminum composite panel installations where the material has been highlighted.

1st Quarter Pick

Colored Panels used: Red, Black

Choosing a cladding material for signages can be quite tricky because (1) you are choosing a material with great resistance to harsh environmental changes and (2) you have to establish your brand. The first project on this blog features a gasoline station which uses two ACP colors for its brand. Long term exposure to UV light can cause the colors to fade, which makes your business look old. ACP has great resistance against weather changes, so it is a good material to work with. 

2nd Quarter Pick

Colored Panels used: Black, Orange

Located in the metro, this particular building aims to last for a long time, amidst moisture, corrosion, UV light, and strong typhoons. A durable and impact resistant material like ACP makes it all possible. With minimal maintenance, ACP is expected to last for 10-15 years.

3rd Quarter Pick

Colored Panels used: Galaxy Black

Establishing brand identity is making sure that the look, feel, and voice of the brand is cohesive and reflective of the packaging, the collaterals, advertisements, and even storefronts. A strong brand identity determines stability against other competitors, makes it easily recognizable to your target customers, and builds awareness of your product or service. The sleek and familiar black exterior makes people easily associate Nike to its brand image. Not to mention the exterior cladding makes it stand out in the crowd. Galaxy Black was used in this aluminum cladding installation

4th Quarter Pick

Colored Panels used: Yellow, Leaf Green, Red 

The versatility of ACP can be shown in this particular project installation. The material has a seamless surface finish, which makes it better in terms of aesthetics, durability, ease of use, and cohesiveness compared to other materials.  In addition, ACP can be cut, drilled, curved, or bent to accommodate certain architectural design requirements. The wide range of colors available in ACP makes it all possible. The combination of colors yellow, leaf green, and red were used. 


A year end recap not only shows a variety of projects which can be done using the material, but also shows our hard work this year. Remember to choose ACP for your exterior and interior cladding needs. You may contact Alutech, one of the trusted aluminum composite panel suppliers in the Philippines, for more details.