ACP for Interior Uses

Aluminum Composite Panels  are commonly attached to outdoor commercial spaces and exterior aluminum cladding, but with recent applications and improved technologies, ACP can also be used as a finishing material indoors. Aside from a wide selection of color to match your home, it shows a seamless design, better than other materials. Here’s why you should opt for ACP outdoors too.


Why Use ACP Indoors?



ACP has strong physical properties that makes it highly durable and resistant from internal and external elements. Thinner panels in 3mm called ACP PE are usually used indoors, while 4mm ACP PVDF are used outdoors.  Less durable products are more prone to breakages, which translates to frequent maintenance or replacement. Eventually, the problems caused by less durable materials will do damage. When a material is durable, it also ensures a long lasting material. 


2. Seamless

ACP boasts of its robust, seamless design which, when compared to other finishing materials, creates a smoother and more polished finish. 


3. Insulating Properties

A distinguishing feature of ACP against other materials is insulation. It provides protection against sound pollution, and weather extremities. It helps regulate temperature inside your home, thus saving energy and reducing heating and cooling costs. 


4. Cost Effective

Compared to other finishing materials, ACP is durable enough to keep away from repairs and maintenance for years. No need to worry about colors fading and retouching every 2 years, nor pest infestation on interior finishing materials; ACP is resistant to weathering and color fading which makes it suitable for long term use. In addition, the price of aluminum composite panels is affordable compared to other materials to begin with.


5. Variety of Options

ACP is a flexible material which makes it suitable for architects and designers to have more freedom in creating authentic designs. It can be formed to create unique shapes such as arcs and cylinders, and create columns. Moreover, ACP is available in different colors and finishes like glossy, mirror, matte, or metal. 


Where can ACP be used Indoors?

Both residential and commercial areas can benefit from using ACP indoors. ACP can be used indoors on partition and interior wall cladding, suspended ceilings, pillars,  kitchen cabinets, and other home surfaces.  


More than the design, the material’s functionality helps improve space and helps translate the building’s purpose. For a durable, cost-effective material, use a trusted material like aluminum composite panels. For other questions, quotations, and concerns, message the trusted aluminum composite panel supplier in the Philippines.