Myths Busted – What Is True And What Is Not About Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) or sandwich panels are widely used for different industrial projects such as building claddings or facades. However, some misconceptions are also rising with the prominent industrial material.

Before believing in naysayers and random persons, it is important that you really know what the truth is and what is not about the “it” material, aluminum composite panels. The following items have been checked and confirmed by professionals, so misinformation is the least of your concern.

Below is the list of common myths, and misconceptions about aluminum composite panel sheets:

  1. It is okay to leave the protection film up to months. – To ensure that the outcome is exceptional upon finishing the installation, installers prefer not to remove the protective film right away. However, leaving these films for weeks or worse, months, could do more harm than good. This will cause the films to completely stick and may be difficult to remove.
  2. Overbending and maltreating the product is no big deal. – Aluminum composite panels can be bent safely up to 90 degrees, but not setting the proper measurement and procedures could lead to damage. With poor installation and product maltreatment such as overbending it, an aluminum composite panel sheet could be damaged and be completely broken. Remember to always consult a professional when installing aluminum panels.
  3. It’s okay to use PE-coated aluminum composite panels for outdoor applications – One common misconception that installers do is using PE-coated aluminum composite panels for their outdoor projects. There are many reasons behind this wrong practice. One, the end users may be less informed about the material, and two, they may opt for the cheaper option to cut down expenses. In a highly humid country like the Philippines, it is a must to use an ACP with PVDF coating. This kind of ACP is especially made for outdoors. Using PE-coated ACPs would surely be risky as it would affect the longevity of the output.
  4. You can step on your ACPs without damaging them if the protective film is not yet removed – In the construction industry where everything needs to be executed with the help of manpower, workers are often seen stepping on materials once in a while. However, this practice could potentially harm the product. You may not notice the sudden damage, but if continuously practiced, it will change the quality of the aluminum composite panel. Take note that in order to maintain the quality, ACPs should be handled with proper care.

There are still lots of wrongdoings that people do with the products that they are using. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement and learning, especially in this industry where all products are being measured carefully. Aluminum composite panels are very essential for commercial projects, be it for cladding installation, façade, signages, etc.

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