ACP Styles and Color Ideas to Level Up Your Home

ACP Styles and Color Ideas to Level Up Your Home

As years pass by, there are more and more ways to improve one’s home. Gone are the days those homeowners and builders are only relying on traditional paints and stones to accentuate their homes.

More reliable materials and ways were discovered, such as using aluminum composite panels, to give residential areas’ interiors and exteriors a new touch.

The list below are some examples of ACP wall cladding styles as well as the suggested colors that are fit for a personalized interior or exterior wall cladding.

  1. Metal style wall cladding

    One of the most common wall cladding styles, indeed. Most of Alutech’s colors are suited for this style, especially Gold Mirror, Silver Mirror, Silver Brush, Gold Brush, Metallic Silver, Bright Silver, Champagne Silver, Champagne Gold and Bright Gold. Metal style will surely give a modern vibe to one’s home.

  2. Wooden Color Wall Cladding

    In contrast to metal style, wooden texture wall cladding intends to give vintage and classic vibe. The perfect colors for this style are Coffee and Copper. Installation of aluminum cladding to make it more authentic depends on the creativeness of the team that you’ll hire to beautify your house.

  3. ACP Wire Mesh or Expanded Metal

    Who says that this style is only for commercial buildings and establishments? Wire Mesh/ Expanded metal style will surely give an accent to one’s home. The good news is, there are lots of colors to choose from. Plus, the color choices are almost the same as metal style. If made with precise methods, results of this style are surely

  4. Brick style Wall Cladding

    Another style that can be done with the help of ACPs is brick style. It will also give off a modern and neat ambiance to one’s house. For colors, it is better to use Coffee, Copper, Metallic Red, Metallic Copper and Ivory White.

  5. Stone-textured Wall Cladding

    Challenging as it may sound for an ACP, but considering this kind of wall cladding is a nice idea. With Earth-colored ACPs such as Pure White, Ivory White, Jade Silver, Grey and Dark Grey—and of course, proper installation—this kind of wall cladding style would surely bring the best out of your home.


Whatever the style or color that a homeowner wants, it is important to contact a dependable aluminum composite panel supplier and a great builder to bring your dream house into life.

There are few more things that should be considered such as location; budget since the price of aluminum composite panels differ depending on the brand; and climate, especially in the Philippines which is a tropical country.

It is also important to make sure that you are using the right type of aluminum composite panel as there are two main types, Polyvinylidene Fluoride or PVDF for exterior and Polyester or PE for interior.

Final Word

Being hands-on regarding designs and materials is a good way to keep everything on track and avoid setbacks. But consulting a professional is still the best way to maximize time and materials for your dream house.

All in all, ACPs are far more reliable material than everyone expected. It is not only for huge buildings, but also for your dream home.