5 Ways ACP Can Bring The Most out of Your Signages

Aluminum Composite Panels are known to be a sleek and vibrant addition to any installation. It makes the project appear more modern, become sturdier, and offers an inexpensive and economical option for builders. With all those considerations, businesses opt to want signages that could, of course, catch attention and bring in more customers. ACPs are a great addition to your commercial signages because not only does it bring out the best of your creative logos and designs, but it also gives an added layer of durability that can save you your money in the long run. Now, what exactly are the qualities that make purchasing ACP worth it?


Here are ways ACP can bring the most out of your signage.


Excellent Weather Resistance

Aluminum Cladding Panels are made to withstand strong weather conditions with their protective oxide coating. This protects them from rust and corrosion which is a default for some architectural materials that are constantly exposed to rain and moisture. Weather in the Philippines is unpredictable and ACPs are qualified to adapt to its ever-changing conditions. It also prevents heat from penetrating the establishments, which can conserve energy.



ACPs are graded with high torsion strength, which results in the material’s capability to resist high pressure and force. They have a long service life, with a guarantee that your ACPs won’t need a replacement for at least the next 5 years. Long-time investment customers are sure to hit a jackpot with this option.


Outdoor Advertising Visibility

Acrylic signages are a vital key to effective marketing as it basically acts as the introduction and first impression of your establishment to any customer. If your location is especially in an oversaturated area, making your shop stand out and memorable is significant. Signages can not only attract customers to your store, but they can also provide identity to your business as this usually showcases the company logo and colors.



ACPs are readily available across the country. They’re easily procurable, with many stores and branches that cater to supplying this specific material. As it carries various colors, finishes, and types, you are bound to find one that would suit you best. Aluminum Composite Panel suppliers are abundant in the country, among those is Alutech, one of the Philippines’ leading ACP suppliers.


Inexpensive Sheets

Besides being economical as it prevents repeated waste of materials with constant repair, ACPs are also less expensive compared to their alternatives. Having a painted layer also saves you money and time as it saves you a step in the process. Prices may vary depending on the type of your chosen ACP. You may check Aluminum Composite Panel prices in the Philippines on supplier websites such as Polylite where Alutech is exclusively available.


ACPs shouldn’t be daunting to explore. With qualities that could only provide more pros than cons, it is no doubt that the addition of this simple material could make all the difference with your storefronts and business facades. If you’re further interested in knowing more about ACP, give Alutech a message.