What to Consider When Choosing Aluminum Composite Panels

Building a new home or establishment comes with choosing between several options. Finding the best decision to fit a project would be the top factor in why clients would choose a particular material or design. Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) are widely popular in commercial spaces, garnering well-deserved recognition because of their durability, accessibility, and the solid branding they provide when attached to the company’s colors.


With that being said, ACPs are not all one and the same. Certain features may vary from one type to another. So, read on with this blog to know exactly what to consider When Choosing Aluminum Composite Panels?



One of the biggest factors in choosing between Aluminum Composite Panel types is their coating. There are two main types, the PE coating, which would work best indoors, and the PVDF coating is commonly used for exteriors and claddings. When choosing which ACP to purchase, you must first identify where you would have the aluminum claddings installed. While PE-coated ACPs are still okay for exterior settings, it is not ideal as the PE coating has lower resistance against UV and harsh weather conditions.



Aluminum Composite Panels are lightweight, stain-resistant, and weather resistant. These attributes guarantee durability in the materials and could last up to 25 years, depending on the contact with outdoor forces such as sunlight and harsh weather conditions. ACPs are also fire resistant as they only melt when met with fire and don’t release fumes when burnt. ACPs with PVDF coating, in particular, offer higher resistance to sun and weather damage.



Another big factor when choosing to go with ACP or not is the builder’s budget. ACPs are actually cost-efficient as they require little maintenance over the span of their longevity. ACPs also come with their own layer of paint, which can cut further costs. Regarding overall costs, using ACP on your establishments can save you far more than usual.



ACPs, with their wide variety of colors available, offer a large range of designs that you may be able to choose from depending on the overall look your establishment is going for. ACPs also have a wide variety of finishes available, ranging from matte, to glossy, to metallic. One may bring endless design ideas to life using ACPs as its main material. Often, businesses also feature their company colors using ACP on their outdoor claddings to bring in the familiarity a customer may have when thinking of those color combinations. This gives your buildings another edge when it comes to using ACPs.



When choosing the best ACP that fits your plans and building, getting a trusted supplier for your Aluminum Composite Panels is essential. To ensure that your project would house only quality materials, it is important to find ACP suppliers in the Philippines that provide you with nothing less than what you require.



Aluminum Composite Panels are a highly versatile material that could only serve you more positives than negatives. It’s only a matter of deciding which type of ACP best suits you. Buying construction materials can be daunting, especially when you are faced with letting out a large amount of money, but it really shouldn’t be that tricky. You’re all set as long as the correct information guides you, and you know what you want for your project.


If you want to know more about ACPs and what type would best suit your building needs, you may contact one of the Philippines’ trusted suppliers, Alutech.