ACP Installation: Hospital Cladding

What exactly makes a great and long-lasting exterior cladding? This question is answered with this month’s installation highlight with the use of aluminum composite panels as exterior cladding of a hospital located at the center of an urban area. Exterior cladding in itself serves a variety of purposes that makes it popular not only in the Philippines, but also in other parts of the world. External cladding is proven advantageous especially in countries with fluctuating extreme temperatures. It protects the building from deterioration, keeps it fresh and pleasing, and proven to last longer with less repair and maintenance. 


In order to achieve all these, the material must be able to satisfy a specific list of requirements necessary to make it last longer. The exterior cladding must be (1) weather resistant, (2) water resistant, (3) fire resistant, (4) has great insulation (5) and needs less cleaning and maintenance. The list subtly varies, depending on the application and the location of the project, which in this case is a university hospital in the Philippines.  Nonetheless, one standard summarizes it all: It should stand against rigorous conditions. 


Aluminum is a material commonly used in construction because of its numerous features, satisfying most building requirements from industry experts. With these features, aluminum cladding is proven to be versatile and durable for far less upkeep. With the changing environment, it is necessary to consider the material that can withstand strong winds and exposure to storms and disasters, and is well adapted to extreme temperatures. Less upkeep is also important because it saves time wasted from constantly cleaning the material with every environmental hazard, and also saves money in the long run. Although ACP is a lightweight material, it has high insulating properties which keeps the building at an optimum level despite the changes in outside temperature, saving both energy and money. 

The aluminum cladding installation proves the durability and versatility of the material in the Philippine setting, which makes it all the more popular locally. Aside from having a rigid and durable material, ACP also makes the building look modern, sleek, and strong. 


Where to buy aluminum composite panels

Alutech is a trusted brand of aluminum composite panels in the Philippines. You can find it in all Polylite branches nationwide. Polylite offers a wide variety of ACP colored panels, perfect for every interior or exterior application. Contact us for more information.