How to Install ACP?

Looking at several installation procedures can be overwhelming especially if you are a first-timer. Between trying to make sense of the steps and learning about the product (what and what not to do), a simple and cohesive article may be helpful for you, especially for a lot more complicated installations in construction. The role of…

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ACP for Interior Uses

Aluminum Composite Panels  are commonly attached to outdoor commercial spaces and exterior aluminum cladding, but with recent applications and improved technologies, ACP can also be used as a finishing material indoors. Aside from a wide selection of color to match your home, it shows a seamless design, better than other materials. Here’s why you should…

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Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Cladding

The use of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) in construction purposes have multiplied these days- with uses ranging from signages and indoor and outdoor acp claddings, utilized in different industries. Its functionalities prove why it is a common material used in the Philippine setting. To help you decide on this material, see the pros and cons…

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Exterior Cladding Materials you can Use for your Next Project

The resurgence of cladding in today’s commercial and residential properties is a result of improving not only the aesthetic of the exterior, but also by improving the structural integrity of the building, suitable for modern living. Cladding happens when a material is applied to an existing external structure to serve as a “shield” against external…

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How to Spot a Good Quality Aluminum Composite Panel?

With uncontrollable price hikes and various options available in the market, how will you know that you are getting the best-quality aluminum composite panel sheets for your next project? This article will tackle several ways on how to spot high-quality aluminum composite panel sheets, whether for interior or exterior cladding/façade. Check the panel thickness against…

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Why is ACP Suited for Residential Houses?


Aluminum composite panel is one of the essentials in a professional’s list of materials, especially in the Philippines. But more than being used for a commercial building, there are also other uses of ACP sheets. One of them is for residential houses. Not so usual as it may seem, professionals in the building industry now…

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Tips on Maintaining your ACP


Aluminum composite panel is one of the most used materials in the construction industry, mainly because of its price and versatility. Installation of aluminum wall cladding or curtain wallis fast and easy. Of course, maintaining these is also a no-sweat action. Aluminum composite panels are easy to maintain. Buildings with ACP wall cladding or curtain…

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ACP Styles and Color Ideas to Level Up Your Home

ACP Styles and Color Ideas to Level Up Your Home As years pass by, there are more and more ways to improve one’s home. Gone are the days those homeowners and builders are only relying on traditional paints and stones to accentuate their homes. More reliable materials and ways were discovered, such as using aluminum…

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Curtain Wall or Wall Cladding?


As an affordable construction material, aluminum composite panels are well known for their durability, lightweight, and thermal and insulating properties, but aside from its practical features, ACP is also widely used for embellishments and creative design work. With its impressive malleability and near limitless options of color, pattern, and finish, you can use aluminum composite…

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